Frequently Asked Questions
What is AQI

Who created this service?
We are members of the R&D team of Sun Asterisk Vietnam

What purpose did you create this service?
We simply do it for fun

How does this Air Viewer service work?
We use Nova PM sensor SDS011 to measure air quality. This sensor uses Lase to measure, so the accuracy is quite high. The results are processed at the Rasberry Pi device, and then pushed to the server display. You can read more instructions on how to set up your own home air quality meter set through this article. The entire source code of the project is public at https://github.com/sun-asterisk-research/air-viewer.

Are your specifications accurate?
The parameter displayed in Air Viewer is the result taken directly from the sensor. We do not interfere or correct. Whether exactly or not depends on the device.

I have made my own set of home air quality meters, what should I do if I want to contribute data to the system?
Because it is difficult to control the accuracy of the submitted data from the client, we currently only allow nodes (devices) of our team members whom we really trust, join and send data to the system. Therefore, the first step you need to do is become a member of Sun * R&D. Get started right here.

I see the air index is high, proving the air quality is too poor. Can you reduce it, to reduce the air pollution?
Sorry, we don't do that here.